Adorable Dogs in Graphics Design Work

Featured Image credit to Rob McClurkan

Dogs are often referred to as man’s best friend. They are always around when you need them and happy with just a bit of attention. They make great pets and also fantastic subjects for artwork. Not only in the modern era, but also in digital works like logos and company branding.

In the short gallery below I’ve put together some astounding artwork focusing on dogs. These artists include illustrations and even vector work within the Adobe software. But I’ve also included logos and mascots for other online branding opportunities. Let us know your favorites or other alternative works of art in the post discussion area.

Dog Illustration

Custom Logo

Spotted Dog

My White Dog

Corn Dog

Dog Collar

Space Dog

Brown Puppy

Little Doggy Butterfly

Dancing Folk

Bear’s Logo

Bird Dog


in the car illustration

Old man & his dog

Custom Dog Logo

Scaredy Dog

Astronaut Guard Dog


Cats n Dogs… and a bird!

I’m Home

“The American Gentleman”


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