Alternative Artwork for Safari’s Navigator Icon

Featured Image credit to Raven Yu

The navigator icon is a classic symbol of Apple’s web browser. Safari has been developed over the years into one of the mainstream brands which web designers are forced to support. Thankfully the developers have also kept up with HTML5 and CSS3 syntax to support many of the new properties.

Any fans of graphic design will love the collection below. It’s a gallery full of alternative navigation icons which represent the traveling man at sea, surfing the web through the days and the night. Check out some of these crazy designs and let us know your thoughts in the post discussion area.

iPod Icon Safari

Jaku – Mobile Safari

Fish Safari

Oval Browser

Metal icon design

G5 Theme Teaser

Work-in-Progress Safari Icon

Safari Earth

Bold Blue

iOS Theme Browser

Sharp Needle – iOS Icon

Detailed Safari Lights

Safari 512

Touring Compass

Brushed Metal Safari

Hiking Safari

Pirate Safari

Safari Maps

Safari Compass

Glossy Safari

Safari rebound

Upojenie HD – Safari

Dark Gray Safari

iOS Safari Icon

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  1. July 11, 2012
    frode hegland

    Very nice work! Inspirational!