Alternative Google Brand Artwork from Dribbble

Featured Image credit to iTu

If you have any affiliation with modern day technology then chances are good you’re familiar with Google. They are pioneering in the social media landscape and have a powerful hold on the digital marketing network with Google AdSense. Additionally they provide some amazing services such as GMail, Analytics, and Google Docs. Because of their great success many techies live and die by Google’s digital products.

In this gallery I have put together some of the most impressive re-designs for Google’s identity and branding. These include logos and other works of graphic design, but also remakes for classic Google products. Their web experience has been constantly changing and designers find powerful inspiration in their minimalist style. Any fans of Google will love these examples and will naturally want to check out more from the Dribbble community.

Google Search App

Google Plus iOS Icon

Google Chrome Replacement

Google Drops

Mockup V2 Google iPhone app

Google+ for iPad

GMail Android UI

Google Plus Business Card

Wooden G+ Button

Google+ iPhone App

Drafted by Google

Google Data Icon

Simple Google Plus

Google +1

Google Player

Google mobile redesign

Google Connect

Google+ iPhone Design

Chrome Sticker

Google Plus App

Google Maps Icon

Google+ Icon

Google Music re-branding

Google Docs

Simple IM for GTalk

Google AdWords

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