Amazing Android Apps and User Interfaces

Featured Image credit to Jenn Duong

As much as iOS deserves a great amount of attention, the Android user base has been growing like a weed. You practically can’t walk down the street without noticing somebody else on their smartphone device. And it appears the current Operating Systems of choice are between Apple iOS, Google Android, and BlackBerry.

In this brief showcase I’d like to collect a theater of Dribbble shots for your inspiration. Android app developers are often forgotten about in the bustling world of Objective-C and Apple’s leading App Store.

Additionally I’ve included some Android freebies and other downloadables for designers. Check throughout the Dribbble archives and you’ll find hundreds of free graphics resources.

TrackWoot on Android

Android app TrackWoot

Android Market Bag Icon

Android Market bag icon

T-Mobile Exploration

Exploration Android phone

User Experience

Android user experience model

Watson App

Watson Android App

Restaurant Picker Mini

Restaurant Picker Mini

Map Pins

Android Map Pins

Android Dribbble Shots

Android shots

Chinese List

Chinese List View for Android

Secret Social App

Secret Social App

Rainbow Map Android Icon

Android map icons

Post Video Details

Android video post details

Dribbble Android UI

App Tabs

App Tabs Android icons

Lend a Hand

Lend a Hand

Zendesk for Android

Zendesk app for Android live

Quench Android App

Quench App Preview

Drive Safe Mode Apps

Drive safe mode apps android

GMail Android UI

Redesign concept of GMail for Android Mobile

PhotoCal for Android

PhotoCal for Android

Spreadsheets App

Spreadsheets App

Designing Android UI

Squarespace Android App UI

App Download Buttons

Android Market Buttons

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