29 Stunning App Store Icons for iOS Devices

Featured Image credit to Jérémy Paul

Artists from all around the planet have been clamoring to feature their app in the Apple App Store. Devices such as the iPhone 4S, iPod Touch, and new iPad 3 all support access to the App Store. Additionally the creation of the Mac App Store has pushed OS X into the new-age ‘app’ market.

And what would all of these apps be without a brilliant icon? This showcase below is dedicated to some works of icon design, both published and WIP(works-in-progress). I’m a huge fan of the trending mobile marketplace, and it appears there are only more adopters jumping on board.

Check out the gallery below and let us know your thoughts in the post discussion area. Additionally if you have created a fantastic iOS app icon you’d like to show off feel free to link to your work and let us know your design process!

F11 Icon

F11 dribbble app icon

Piggy Bank App

Piggy bank savings app icon

Apple Store

Apple Store Icon

OSX Developer Board

Developer board tools icon

Keepsakes Icon

Keepsakes Icon

New game for iPhone/iPad

Jelly Cake

Jelly Cake app icon

Hamburger App

Hamburger iOS App Icon

Harvest Moon App

Harvest Moon BTN

Calendar Icon

Calendar Icon iOS

Camera app icon

Camera App Icon

Video App

Video App Icon

iOS Notebook Icon

Notebook ios app icon


TreasureBox iPhone App

Panic Button

Panic Button push switch

Le Menu

Le Menu restaurant

PicToon Icon

Owl App

perferrated paper icon

Earbud Headphones

earbud headphones

Lie Detector

Lie Detector app

Dress Shirt & Tie

iPhone App Dress Shirt

Moredays Icon

Moredays iOS app icon

Geo App Icon

Geo App Icon design

Air Ball

Dribbble app iOS Air Ball

Cappalog Icon

Cappalog Icon

Countdown Me 2 Icon

Countdown 2

Weather App Icon #3

weather app modified part 3

Hylian Shield Icon

Hylian Shield Legend of Zelda

Guitar App Icon

guitar tuning strings iOS app

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