Educational Infographics and Concept Art

Featured Image credit to Benjamin Dauer

The modern Internet era has truly pushed us into the information age. We are living in a time where it’s simpler than ever before to find just the right information you need. And part of this rise in popularity is attributed to graphic designers and some fascinating infographics.

These are similar to cartoons or comic strips which are formatted with information about a particular topic. These can range from political ideologies, economic statistics, technological advancement, animals, nature, and dozens of other topics. In this gallery I’ve put together some great concept shots from Dribbble artists who publish infographics all around the web.

Tourist Infographics

tourist information design charts

Infographics about $$

The Hirst Index finances Standard & Poors

Infogfx objects

infographics icons and elements pie chart

E-book Sale Stats

e-book sales pie chart infographic

Infographics icons

icons for info graphics concepts


info graphics on helmets worldwide

Infographics poster

Infographics poster design

Valldalen Infographic poster

Valldalen poster art work

Hospital Graphs

UCI Hospital release data

Infotools Radials

Infotools radials info graphics

Mashup of small infographics

mashup of collected info graphics

Print Count Graph

printed count graphic

Nike+ Maps

Nike+ maps display

Energy infographic

energy info graphic

Empire State Building

Empire state building

Ruzafa Guide Infographics

Ruzafa info graphic

Wind Energy No2

wind energy info graphic

Printed and delivered

printed marketing strategy

Digital Persona

digital persona info graphics

Go Green

Go Green

Cargographics #2


Infographics pie chart

pets and info graphics


30,672 hours

Web Design Infographics

web designer info graphics

Vibrant Poster

Vibrant poster art work

Super Computer

Super Computer artwork

Graphic details

Infographic details design

Data visualization styles

data visualization styles

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