Flamboyant Cartoon Characters and Illustrations

Featured Image credit to Brian Athey

Cartoons are a fun way to express your inner creativity. Illustrations and digital media have made it possible for anybody to get into animation and online video. Plenty of designers from around the world have been creating characters for decades, and with great intention!

In the gallery below I’ve put together some very noticeable character shots. Each of these designs are concepts and ideas built around a central personality. Creative artists love this kind of work, and it can bring back heavy passion into loving the world of cartoon design & illustration artwork. If you have fun ideas or comments on the showcase feel free to share in the post discussion area.


Cactus character


mojito dancing

Funny grandfather

funny grandpa character


Sami yeti

Paper Clip Bees

paper clip bees

Cat Clayworth

Cat Clayworth

David the Little Film Critic

David the Film Critic illustration

Hipster Tree

hipster tree art

Owl Illustration

sir purple the owl



Yeti Character

blue white yeti man


Chocolate bar

Chin Music

chin music character

Little Princess

little princess character art


blue pussycat girl

The Pet

the ravenous pet

Character Study

Character study man

Robot Design

robot design character

Indiana Jones

Indiana jones artwork illustration

Vector Reindeer Character

vector reindeer category

Cap’n Crunch(work in progress)

cereal captain crunch man

Football Doctor

scary football doctor

Wolf Character

red wolf man character

Hugo Strange

Hugo Strange man

Swinging Ant

picnic ant on a swing


blue fluffy harmless sheeps


animal giraffe long neck

Ninja Design

dark sneaky ninja in hiding

About the Author: Kalen Smith

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  1. These are great! My cartoon characters are rendered in Illustrator and are inspired by 70s comics, 60s animation, video games, bande dessinee, and Looney Tunes. If you live in Portland, Oregon hit me up! <3

  2. Awful and realistic cartoon characters. Great to see these brilliant inspiration. Impressive it looks great! I really like the style!!! thanks for shearing!