Powerful Examples of Branding and Identity Design

Featured Image credit to Scott Hill

Designers are all too familiar with the concepts of branding. Whenever you start a business or small company you need ways to have your name recognized. This is accomplished through marketing techniques and a recognizable brand design.

Now branding can also encompass a whole slew of ideas ranging from vector logo artwork to printed business cards. The designers on Dribbble are exceptionally talented and will frequently share some amazing identity artwork. In the showcase below I’ve collected some of my personal favorites which I hope you can enjoy as well.

Identity and branding is truly an art which takes practice to understand. But when you can follow through with creating a company identity it provides an enormous feeling of accomplishment.

Project Noah icon

Farmtruck Delivery Identity

Farm Truck delivery service dribbble

Tim Stamp


Help nav window logo

Identity Set

Green Fun

green fun 'S'

Spacebound Creative Logo

Spacebound creative alt logo

GreenFX Logotype


whale art illustration

Fuel1 Cut


Cornerstone icon redesign

The wedding

The wedding

Typo Junky

Typo junky

Filtration Identity

Filtration identity design

Angry Squid

Angry Squid design

Identity concept

Identity concept


Tonic bubbles design

St. Croix Chocolate Shop

St. Croix Chocolate Shops

Sun ‘n’ Fun

Sun 'n Fun

Paint Logo with Color

Groundswell Paint

World Record Productions

Paper Moon Identity

Paper Moon identity


Web Design Logo

Pop Grub Business Cards

Grinder Labs

Grinder Labs


mustaches and soda bottles

Swirls Cupcakery Identity

cupcakery logo

Ast Design

AST Design logo block

Silk Sign

Silk Road bicycles

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  1. wow these are some fresh and stunning logos i am seeing in 2012, i love “GreenFX Logotype” thanks for great list Powerful Examples of Branding and Identity Design thanks for shearing!

  2. These are some amazin stuffs to get inspired by. Makes us think why can’t we do such beautiful work.

  3. Amazing Designs. Very fresh, Impressive. Wonderful. Lacking words to even praise the wonderful work, Great job, Keep it up!