Abstract Lettering in Written Typography

Featured Image credit to Sean McCabe

Typography has been around for centuries in written works by some of the greatest writers of our time. Sonnets, plays, movies, music, poems, practically any source of good literature has started on paper. The art of written text and lettering is elusive to many in the digital age. Yet print and illustration work is so important to the roots of our design heritage.

In the small showcase below I’ve collected beautiful examples of lettering in paper typography. These are all sketches drawn by hand using pen or pencil – and boy are they impressive! It takes years of practice to establish proper calligraphy and leave an impression on your audience. The inspiring examples below are a great starting point on any artistic journey.


Lola Lettering

Just an ‘S’


Location, location, location

Hook & Irons Co.

Concord Sketch

“Quitters Don’t Win”

Easy as Pie

Website Sketch Mockup

Grand Rapids Brewing Sketch

Sketch of the “L”

Old Fashioned Type Inked

‘F’ by Francis

On this Day Lettering

The Original

A Beautiful Thing process

Milk & Honey Sketch

Silverlining TV

Happy Ribbon

Colonial Sketch

The pursuit of happiness

A Love for All Seasons

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