Alternative Instagram Icons and App UI Design

Featured Image credit to Chuck Skoda

We have all heard of the latest social photo sharing app Instagram, right? It has built up quite a large following from the iOS crowd. And even just recently we’ve seen an Android release version as well. The company is powered by a group of talented individuals who are passionate about photography and mobile technology.

One really positive aspect of the Instagram identity is their branding. The app icon, logo, and user interface all play a key role in what Instagram is all about. So you can imagine that designers love playing around with this kind of stuff. There are plenty of examples we can look at, and I’ve included them in the showcase below.

This is mostly focused on new iOS app user interface designs for iPhone or iPad. There are also a few iOS icon changes I’ve thrown in for good measure. Be sure to let us know your favorites in the post discussion area below.

Instagram Facelift

Navbar Dark & Light

Instagram UI Rebound

Instagram Crop

Instagram redesign

Instagram redesign, another view

Instagram Homepage

Original Instagram Homepage re-design

Instagram Brown App Icon

Dribbble Instapan

Instant re-design

Instagram Redsign

Instagram Vintage Icon

Brown Replacement Icon

Instagram Achievements

Icon Details

Hipster Polaroid



Instagram for Android

Instagram for Ipad

Instagram WP7 Concept

Instagram UI

Responsive Instagram Photo Section


Instagram Login Screen

Yes… Another Instagram Redesign

Instagram Camera

Avatar Likes – Instagram Photo

Instagram Retro Illustration

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  1. June 9, 2012

    how can we download or use some of these icons/themes???