Back To School with Pencil & Paper Graphics

Featured Image credit to Chris Jennings

Many of us have fond memories of our school years. Back when life seemed a bit more care-free and your responsibilities were practically nonexistant. As we get older we learn that school is just a mild stepping stone into the real world. But this doesn’t mean we can’t reminisce about the good times!

I will always remember the transition from paper/pencils to writing on a computer. There is such a difference with penmanship, speed, and readability. I’ve put together this small showcase of pencils and paper artwork as a detailed creative outlet. Check out some of these amazing designers who have created exceptional works of art. School may be far behind us now, but design trends will always be in style!

School Scraps

School Supplies Logo


Pencil Ribbon

Colorful Vector

Pencil Type

Pencil Bee

SyncSpace Icon

Big Blue


Pen Pencil Brush


Pencil Banner

Clipboard Icon

Desktop Illustration


Halftone Pencil

API Developers Icon

Adobe Pencils

Great Crate

Microsoft Word

Pencil on Ruled Paper

Blue Pencil Paper Stack

About the Author: Kalen Smith

Kalen is a freelance writer and entrepreneur. He can be found on the web writing about topics including startups and UI design. Check out his other articles through Google or follow his updates on Twitter @engineerbiz.

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