Beautiful Set of Graphical Map Interfaces

Featured Image credit to Assembly Co.

Maps are a huge part of the modern-day user interface. These are useful in GPS navigation apps on mobile devices, but also in many of the mobile apps you’ll find within iOS/Android marketplace. Maps are used within interfaces to chart geographic territory. It makes explaining driving directions a whole lot easier.

If you need some inspiration for your own web design then look no further. This showcase below is a collection of maps found in user interfaces for web and mobile products. If you have designed a similar map-based UI be sure to share with us in the comments section below.

Map Pin

Secret Map

Housing estate map

Map Location+Zoom slider

Game Map

Freakin’ torn paper iPhone UI

Clean Map

Flight Card Map

Design Map

Inventions Map


Location map for travel blog

Complete map

Map Infowindow

World Map

USA custom map

Map navigation experiment

Map effect

The Pin

Another Map


iOS Icon

Tiny Showcase World Map

Conquer The World

CSS3 Google map overlay

StoryBook Map iPhone Gem

Trip Meter

Signup form map detail

Location Map

Something is coming…

Lucky Map

First iPhone app

New project – map view

Wooden Retina Display

Our Location

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