Case Study into Typography: Unique Ampersands

Featured Image credit to Sean McCabe

Digital typography encompasses a huge realm of topics to discuss. I’m going to start a series of posts which will focus on different ideas in web typography. This first article is focusing on brilliant ampersand designs and how you can use fancy scripts for neat effects. This goes double with tools such as Google Web Fonts or Typekit.

Any designers will love these ideas for building unique ampersand artwork. Both print and web designers can follow along and build inspiration for their own works. Similarly if you have ideas or suggestions be sure to let us know in the post discussion area below.

Rope Ampersand

Type Illustration


Ampersand Love

Hand-done Ampersand

Amp Rebound

Uncommon Ampersand

Print Embossed

To Build an Ampersand

Ampertastic Mr Fox

Custom Amp

Ampersand Digitized

And so it begins

Notebook Sketches

Green Ampersand


Ampersand + Texture

Neue ad gothic

Die-cut ampersand sticker

Amp Geometric

Golden Ampersand

Ampersand – Good shapes




The Ampersand Collection

Different &amp Easier


Ampersand Blue

Ampersand #1

Big-Boned Ampersand

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