Cool Pixel Artwork with Attention to Detail

Featured Image credit to Antonio Komiyama

Pixels are the basic ingredient to creating any of our modern-day technology. Without designing on pixels there wouldn’t be much of a purpose for Adobe Photoshop. Except there is an interesting design trend following pixel artists. These works are built in grid-based layouts and often constructed using super-sized zoom levels.

Some really great examples of pixel artwork can be found in older video games. Classic Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and even older Game Boy releases all feature this design style. And I’ve collected a whole showcase of pixel art from very talented Dribbble artists. Be sure to let us know your thoughts or suggestions in the post discussion area.

Pixel Dragonball

Online game airport

Monkey sculpture

Pixel Art Car

Super Pixel Heroes

Pixel art notebook design


Isometric Buildings

Pixel Warehouse

Pixel art moustache

Villa Web Icon


Hacker’s Hideout

Green sunflower house

Pixel-art Cleveland

Flying Pixel Art Island

Isometric pixel city

Angry Birds – Pixel Art

Happy New Year

Red Square



Zap and Kiff

Firefoxzilla protects the city



Pixel Land

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