Brilliant Shots of Source Code and IDE Editors

Featured Image credit to Rogie

Dribbble is such a wonderful website where designers from around the world can share their talents. It takes a lot of work and dedication to put together any type of user interface. But especially when it comes to handling source code in any development language – regardless of if you’re publishing for the web or desktop.

In any case the open source movement is pushing forward very quickly. Blogs and websites are constantly looking for new design methods to show bits of source code right within their content. Additionally designers are working to built newer interfaces for editing HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or even PHP/Python or RoR.

In the short gallery below I’ve collected some brilliant screens of source code including many different languages. These boast backend web editors, native software apps, and even display content for websites. Web developers will especially love this collection for the pristine coding standards and design techniques involved in the process.

Awesome Code Editor

Code Sample

Paper Code


Code Tips

Code View + File Tree


Blank Code Editor UI

Code editor in the cloud

Code Block

CSS Stamp Border

Code Frame

CSS Snippet

iPad Code Editor

Coding App

Objective-C Code Editor


Coding View

CSS3 TextMate Bundle

Obsessive Much?


CMS Code Editor

Code Pilot UI

Mystery Project

MarkedUp Snippet

Shadow Detail


Gisties Work-in-Progress

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