Elements of Purple in Website Layout Graphics

Featured Image credit to Dave Ruiz

The color purple can bring about the emotions of royalty and noble cause. Designers have a hodgepodge collection of hues to select when building a website. The layout may contain small elements where you can spice up the color scheme.

In the showcase below I’ve collected a series of purple graphics used in web design shots. These are perfect and fitting for just the right occasion. Consider the many other page elements and what role they play in the design process. And of course, feel free to share your ideas with us in the post discussion area below.

Fancy Drop Down Navigation

Stats: mobile vs web

Simple Web Textures

Purple Website

Projects Added To-Date

iPhone App Web Feature

More Purple & New Icons

Night Owl Website

Gifty web app


Shopping Basket Popup

Download the app

Purple Colors

Delightful Delight

Web Design Stripes

Search Field


Cafe Lounge

Dropdown menu

Nerds Graphic

Buy Tickets

Vintage Play Button

Wines Menu

News page

Clothes Shop Menu

Collections Button

Glass Button

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