Illustrated Ticket Stubs in Graphics Design

Featured Image credit to Ryan Putnam

Sporting events and major entertainment venues are often accompanied by tickets. Whenever you’re trying to get anywhere fun you’ll likely need to order a ticket in advance. This system of attendance works for carnivals, rock concerts, plays, and any other form of live entertainment. And yet we all so often forget about the little things that make these events possible.

I still have many of the ticket stubs from my earlier years as a kid going to movies and local fairs. In this showcase I’ve tried to put together some amazing illustration work recreating ticket stubs in all their stubby glory. It takes a keen eye to build such a powerful design out of nothing. Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the post comments area below.

PremiumPixels Admit One

Vector Stub

Growl Ticket

iPhone Ticket

Achievement Ticket

Funconf Ticket

Dribbble Invites

Street Ticket

You’re Invited

Web Ticket UI


Dribbble Ticket

Sideshow Ticket

Golden Ticket Invite

Ticket Pong

Ticket Stub(color options)

Wild Game Dinner Ticket

Support Ticket

Dribbble Golden Ticket

Night Owl

Filmpond Movie Ticket

Start Ticket

Ticket Style

Dedication Day Ticket

Ruby Movie Ticket

Tiket – Coming Soon

Cinema App Icon

Buy Tickets Online

Sign up ticket stub

Big Pink Ticket

Genius Bar Admission Ticket

Dribbble – Play With Us

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