Latest Examples of iPhone App UI Design

Featured Image credit to Julien Renvoye

I have become an enormous fan of the iPhone App store after having used the phone for a couple year now. The quality of interface designs are light-years above what you can find on Windows Mobile and even most Android apps. It’s because of this reason I like to celebrate the best interfaces I can find and share with the design community. This encourages new developers to jump onto these trends and build up a small viral market.

You can get a lot of new ideas from just my collection below. These include different iPhone app shots for both published apps and works in progress. I hope you can enjoy these user interfaces, and if you have similar ideas for mobile development be sure to share with us in the post discussion area.

Notesbook App idea

Cause.It iPhone App

Confirm Payment

PayPal for iPhone redesign

Hattrick App

Starbucks application

Home View


Camera Awesome

New iPhone app design

iOS Top Bar

Dashboard App UI

UI for iPhone App

iPhone UITabBar Navigation


iPhone App 2


iPhone App Render

iPhone: Nav Update

Rate UI

Ledger Notes

Banking App

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  1. I have to disagree with you when you’re saying that it’s light years ahead of the Android market – have you used the Android market lately? It’s very intuitive and appealing.

    • April 7, 2012

      He never said anything about the Google Play market’s UI. If you’ll read more closely, you’ll see that he was commenting more on the usability of the Android apps themselves. I’m an Android fan myself, and I’ll have to agree with him that Android apps can be considerably less intuitive.

      This is because of two things: 1) Android is not standardized to one device, OS version, or screen resolution, this limits customization in some cases. A lot of apps work differently depending on which device you run them on. 2) A lot of apps on the Android market right now were designed for iOS first, and when Android versions were built, they were still optimized for iOS. The new Android version of Instagram is a great example of this.

      This is not to say that there aren’t some great Android apps out there… there just aren’t as many of them.

      • April 12, 2012

        Sorry but saying apps on the iphone are light years ahead of android counterparts is just pure and simply odd.

        Owning both an iphone and an android phone I can say there is very little difference. There are god awful apps in the Google Play market much like there are god awful apps in the Apple app store.