Responsive Design Trends for the Mobile Web

Featured Image credit to Mark Riggan

It must be obvious by now that web designers are jumping onto the mobile bandwagon for almost every project. It’s commonplace to see people out and about playing around on their smartphones. And aside from native applications, much of this time is spent browsing the mobile web. We want to offer a great experience regardless of the device.

This is why responsive web design is such an important topic. Building your layout to respond to custom browser conditions means you only need to code a single template. Then using advanced CSS techniques you can reformat the fonts, menus, and page elements. Responsive design is truly the future of mobile web design.

So check out the small gallery below of mobile website layouts. These contain both live sites and mockups for ideas. I hope these examples can ignite some fresh concepts into your own project work. Additionally feel free to share your thoughts with us in the post discussion area.

HTML5 Responsive Web Layout

Preview Mobile Design

Responsive ATX Web Show

JavaScript Responsive

New Responsive Layout is Responsive!

Responsive Wedding

Abberdein – Responsive Website

Mockup Design

Niagara Estate

Responsive Web App Layout

Responsive layout – media queries

Responsive Portfolio Website

Adaptive Web Design

A Responsive Refresh

Nessst Responsive Design


Sudoku Prelease Site

Fluehr’s Furniture

Red Bus Project Site

PHC Devices

Coming Soon…


Rebranding a High School

Information design

Skopos Devices

DIYLoans Mobile Revision

RevSystems Website Redesign

WordPress Portfolio v4

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