Showcase of Magical Gems & Sparkling Crystals

Featured Image credit to Vasili Tkach

Part of the mystical world is a sense mof magical elements. Gems, crystals, runes and similar icons have been used in storytelling for centuries. These bring up ideas of wizards and sorcery – all excellent sources of inspiration for your average designer!

Thus I took the liberty of putting together some of the most amazing illustrations of gems and crystals. These include works of different artistic style which all focus around one central theme. If you have similar ideas or suggestions be sure to let us know in the post discussion area.

Crystal Ball

Crystal Icon

Crystal Machine

Magic Crystal Ball

Crystal Material Test

Luxterra Sword Icon

Ruby and RABL Detail

Red Crystal

Money Icons



Ruby Ladybug Logo

Ruby Rose

treasure chest work-in-progress


Blue Gems

Mr. Gemstone


Diamond Ring

Space Crystals


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