Unique iPhone-Style “Slide to Unlock” Functionality

Featured Image credit to Addison Kowalski

Mobile apps have implemented some extremely creative interfaces in just a few short years. The iPhone really shot up in popularity around 2008 and has been climbing ever since the 4S release. As such, much of the standard Apple functionality is replicated in many of the apps within the App Store.

The slide to unlock switch is most commonly referenced with the iPhone lock screen. Before you can open to your home icons you’re required to swipe your finger along the screen. I have included some really neat UI examples showcases how this can be implemented in alternative cases. Check out some of the shots below, and be sure to let us know your thoughts in the post discussion area.

Slide to search

Slide Down

Pull Stick of Gum


Slide to Check In

Slide to Log In

Slide to Unlock Transparent

Sliding Down UI

Slide to post a tweet

iPhone slide to finish

Slide to Accept

Slide to Send

Mac Popup Interface

UI Idea – Slide to Install

Slide for SMS Code

Slide to unwrap

Slide to Smile

Capt’n has an Iphone

Send Slider

Sketch Slide to Unlock

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