Briefcase Artwork for your Everyday Businessman

Featured Image credit to Artua

If you consider the business lifestyle it always seems to be moving. Briefcases are the modern man’s way of carrying his important documents from one area to the next. And digital artwork can portray this in many different styles. From app icons to full illustrations there are plenty of amazing examples surrounding the businessman’s briefcase.

And thus in the gallery below I have put together some very inspiring examples. All the artwork is focused on briefcases and portfolio works. There are plenty of app ideas out there, although not as many icons in the works. But similarly briefcases work well in your logo or sewn into the background of your website layout. These illustrations come off as professional, sophisticated, and exude plenty of confidence.


Briefcase iOS

Work in Progress

Black/Gold Icon


App Blueprint

Briefcase – Chris Spooner

Briefcase App Icon

Illustration Icon

Vintage Briefcase

Briefcase & Bowler

Find Business Icon

Portfolio iOS Icon

Brown Briefcase

Photoshop Briefcase


Portfolio Icons

Briefcase Money

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