Dribbble Artwork for Instrumental Musicians

Featured Image credit to Hrvoje Bielen

Music is one of the most direct ways we can communicate with each other. The emotions and soulful melody is quick to pickup and contagious to share with those around you. It’s almost a way of life – and many of my friends agree that music is crucial to enjoying life. I feel the same can be said about music in digital arts.

Check out my showcase below composed of many different musical instruments. These are illustrations and mockups put together by the many talented designers on Dribbble. Any fans of the music industry will love these shots! Not to mention their inspirational tone for logos and website layouts.

Grand Piano


Deep Icons


Violin Icon

Trumpet Guy

Retro Trumpet



Trumped It


Drummer Illustration

Acoustic Guitar

Air Guitar

Little Piano


Etude Piano

Guitar Player


Les Pauls

Laziness Wastes Talent

Moonlight Sonata


Monster Mozart

Hammer Time

Acoustic Strings

Symphony & Symfony

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