Graphical Display of Polaroids and Digital Cameras

Featured Image credit to Heather Tompkins

Cameras are a legacy technology which have helped humanity over the past 100 years or more. We have been able to capture moments in history and save their presence forever. It also provides great content for illustrators and digital artists from across the world.

In this minimalist showcase I’ve put together a select few examples of cameras and polaroids. Instagram may be the most popular example of an app icon – but real illustrations are a whole different ball game. Many such examples could be perfect for logo branding or as a website vector display.

Polaroid Icon

Brown Polaroid


Vintage Polaroid

Polaroid SX-70

Fly Polaroid!

White Polaroid Camera


Polaroid Land Camera

Polaroid Icon

Steampunk camera

Vintage Camera #3

Video Camera



Leica Camera

Say cheeeeeeze!

DSLR Camera

About the Author: Kalen Smith

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