Tags Designed for Website Layouts and Mobile Apps

Featured Image credit to Anthony Lagoon

Tags from a user experience standpoint are a revolutionary invention. With the social media craze has come the idea of tagging posts and photographs. The social news script Pligg CMS does a very good job at including tags for submitted news stories. Users can organize their bookmarks or submitted links based on topic, items, or people.

But even more than the system of tagging is designing the interface. You have to consider how a tag system would look for any given website or application. In the showcase below I have collected dozens of different graphics related to tagged content. Some of these designs are better than others, but all of them portray a very popular current trend in digital media.


WordPress Post Tags

Search Form Tags

Dropdown Menu Tags

Tags in the Sidebar

Token Tags

Add Tags Drawer

Some Texture

Active Filters

iPhone App

Archive Page Tags

Button Tags

Tags & Lists

Add Tags Webapp

Tags & Comments

Filums Tags View

Blog Sidebar

Pulse Tags

Projects Tags Preview

tabs + tags + dropdown

Legend Display

Auto Suggestion

Create Task Widget

Woorkit Tags

Doskins Freebie Page


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