Unique Traffic Charts for Data Analytics

Featured Image credit to Matt Bango

SEO and social networking can only bring your website so far with marketing. There are other trends you need to keep up with, and the best system is through traffic analytics. Google provides some of the most informative graphs to look over. But their interface quickly grows on you to be come dull, bland, and very simple.. not that this is a bad thing.

But I’ve got a passion for great design and handy user interfaces. Thus I’ve collected a small handful of graphics and charts posted for data analyzation. Web and mobile users will love these interface designs and maybe even kick-start their own ideas. Check out some of my examples below and be sure to leave your feedback in the comments area.

Pie Charts

Mobile Analytics Chart


Analytics App Chart UI

Google Analytics

Analytics Dashboard Widget

Dashboard Statistics

Dark CMS – Dashboard

Analytics Web App

Momeant Analytics

Blue Dropdowns

Native Analytics

Traffic Dashboard

Google Analytics App

Visitor Dashboard

New Analytics Shot

Mixpanel Flow Analytics UI

Flat Graph

Disqus Analytics

Admin Tooltip

Profile Analytics

Webapp Interface

CMS Dashboard

Analytics Interface

Dashboard Eye Candy

Sites Preview

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