Alternate Twitter Logos and Icon Design

Featured Image credit to Alvin Thong

Twitter is the hottest social network for our current era. It’s the life pulse of the Internet where anybody from anywhere in the world can update everybody else. It’s the quickest way to catch up on news, recent events, natural disasters, and everything else pertinent to “right now”.

But I also love Twitter for its unique branding style and logos. I’ve gone through and put together a small gallery of Twitter icons and alternate designs for your viewing pleasure. I hope these can inspire some other designers to build their own Twitter-based interfaces.

Twitter Mac App

Twitter Ribbon

Tweeter Birdie

Free Twitter Wallpaper BG

Twitter New Logo

CloudBird Logo

Animated Twitter Button


Button Sketch

Twitter Icon(Freebie PSD)

Wooden Mac Icon

Follow Me

Dark Glow

Twitter 3D Badge

Twitter OSX Mac Icon

Twitter Birdhouse

Dropped Twitter Egg

Tweet Blues

Large ‘t’ Icon(Free Download)

Cute Bird Head

Tweetbot for Mac

New Tweet

Button-Eyed Bird

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Kalen is a freelance writer and entrepreneur. He can be found on the web writing about topics including startups and UI design. Check out his other articles through Google or follow his updates on Twitter @engineerbiz.

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