Page Elements for a Working Slideshow Feature

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Web scripting libraries such as jQuery and MooTools have allowed for rapid-pace web development. More plugins are being released every day which build off already popular frameworks. And web developers love the internal plug-and-play functionality for many of these scripts. But on even the same level of functionality is the design interface.

Slideshows are more prevalent these days, but not always in a good way. It takes some finesse and gentle attention to details in building a unique custom layout. I have collected a nice gallery of slideshow elements to hopefully give you a bit of inspiration. Consider which pieces may work well in your own slideshow, and what your users will be expecting with this type of interface.

Piictu Walkthrough

Fancy Slideshow

Homepage Redacted

Slider Knob

Photo Thumbnails

Product Slideshow

Tooltip Texture

Dark Portfolio Slideshow

A Lil’ Slideshow Freebie

Welcome Screen

Bright WordPress Slideshow

CSS3 Image Scroller

Slideshow Nav

Shadow Slides

Slideshow Controls

Raised Photo Slideshow

Luxury Opportunity

Sliding User Interface

Red Textured Web Design

Child Bros. Interface

Storytelling Site

Basic Slideshow

jQuery Banner Rotator

Slideshow Navigation Panel

Photo Gallery Slide

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