Inspirational ’50s Vintage Graphics & Illustrations

Featured Image credit to Jon Stapp

The early years of America were fascinating and brought about a huge boom in civilization. The industrial revolution played a large role in this time period and has brought us to the current age. However looking back to the ’40s and ’50s you have to admire the elated populace and free-flowing gold backed economic policies.

We can relive these times in the style of retro digital artwork. I’ve put together a showcase of some beautiful 1950′s inspired graphics for your pleasure. Check out the examples below and see if you can determine similar “vintage” personas. Additionally if you have similar artwork feel free to share with us in the post discussion area below.

50s Vector Town

Vintage Car Park

Retro Living

Lady in Red

Vintage Airplane

Vintage Interphone

Vintage Home

Shell Petrol Pump

It’s Raining Black

Super Savvy Mom

As Time Goes By

Vintage 50s Advertising

Vintage Ice Cream

Sundae Run

Safer Drinking

Public Radio Rocks!

Vintage Road Map

Retro Incredibles

Vintage Toon

Vintage Kitchen


Interior Living Room

Model Spaceship

Back to School

Company Picnic

Travel by Airplane

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