Avatars and User Profile Photo Designs

Featured Image credit to Bill S Kenney

Any social media/networking style website practically needs to setup avatars. These are the best way to distinguish your users amongst each other in a huge fanbase. Although avatar design isn’t always important, it has grown into the light with the help of social outlets. Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and other websites dominate the global market. And this means your Twitter & Facebook photo are always on display to the world.

I have put together a brilliant collection of user avatar photos. These are mostly based for web design, but there are some mobile interfaces included. Truly it doesn’t matter what system you are building for. Avatars can be used synonymous all across the board, since they are tied onto the Internet. See if you can find any favorites and even port similar techniques into your own web projects.

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User Profile Concept

Status Update

RI Profile Settings

Mute & Hide

Default Avatar

Mobile Chat Photos

TwitSpark Beta Design

Mobile Chat Box UI

Upload Avatar

Coach Avatar

Glass UI

Profile Box

Profile Navigation

Invite Binder

Profile Card

Wunderkit for iPhone

Profile Points

Friends Screen

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