Brand New iPhone UITabBar Interface Designs

Featured Image credit to Zane David

Tab bars in iOS design have become a staple for mobile developers. These navigation toolbars are located at the bottom of an application and feature between 2-5 different tabs. By tapping each one you can switch between common views such as your profile, settings, or activity feed. We have published a previous article looking into iOS tab bars.

In this gallery I want to look more in-depth at this unique mobile interface style. I’ve included some brand new examples of iOS tabbars designed for your inspiration. Any iPhone or iPad app designer can intuitively learn a great deal from this showcase.


Menu Bar Blues


Pin Me

Snap Button

Bottle Cap

Oflow Teaser

iPhone Camera App

Sketching iOS Nav

Tracking App Redesign

Transparent Tabbar

Personal Assistance

Screen Preview

Favorites View

Custom Tab Bar Icons

Oilbox App Design

Tab Bar Active

App Tutorial Screen

Bourbon Trail Map

Screenfunk Mobile

Blindfood App

Walkie-Talkie Concept

Green Tab Interface


Dribbble for iOS

Soccer iPhone App

iOS Tabs GeoSweep

iPhone UI Preview

iOS App Tab Bar

Tracking Management App

Black & Blue Tabs

TV iPhone App

Event Tracking App

Twitter Client for iPhone

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