Forests and Trees for Illustration Design

Featured Image credit to Keenan Cummings

We can find trees and leaves everywhere in our natural world. The earthland is practically littered with trees, branches, leaves, and all types of flowers. Plant life is such a beautiful concept to carry over into digital illustration. It always appears as thriving and beautiful to show off around others.

Struggling illustrators looking for inspiration will simply love this collection. I have put together a gallery of trees and forests found in natural shorts from Dribbble artists. Many of these concepts can translate well into web design and even vector art. Trees are so simple, and yet they fit perfectly within any branding setup.


Same Land

Camping Theme

Chunky Trees

Wander Postcard


Lake Cavern

Minimal Trees

Christmas Trees


Acoustic Guitar

Beauty Forest

Pointy Forest

Forest Man

Explore New Features

The Woods


Trees Texture

Forest Cycle Ride

Romantic Couple

Bone Trees

Camp Wannatee

Pink Forest

Tree House

Golden Tree

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  1. Another fantastic collection of design inspiration. Trees are not always my favorite, but this gallery is clearly mind-blowing. So much talent available from just a minute showcase!