Custom jQuery Effects for Coding Good Websites

Featured Image credit to Henry Modisett

Modern day web developers are all too familiar with the inner workings of jQuery. The three primary frontend coding languages(HTML5/CSS3/JS) are sometimes overlooked for the more technical details. However we should never forget the roots of our Internet and how websites have come into fruition.

I’ve showcased some amazing jQuery code effects and dynamic website features you can check out below. These should offer some inspiration for web designers and developers who need something spicy for their latest project. jQuery libraries are the most extensive and heavily documented. Along with the massive amount of open source plugins you can tell this scripting library is going to be around for the long haul.

Tabs n Blinds

Functional Accordion

Parallax Slider

Reply Modal Window

Advanced Slider


Custom jQuery Select

Listed Image Gallery

OSX Lion w/ CSS and jQuery

jQuery Timeline

Swipe Slider

jQuery/Wordpress Dropdown

iPad-Style Color Picker

jQuery Music Player

Quick URL Shortener


Form Validation

Download Info Speech Bubble

Photo Upload Tags

Dynamic jQuery Map

jQuery Countdown Timer

Helpful Tooltip

New Message Window

About the Author: Kalen Smith

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