Print Typography in Signage and Logo Identity

Featured Image credit to Richie Stewart

A business could not be complete without a identifiable logo & branding design. For local businesses you’ll often need a sign or hanging logo of some kind. Print typography works great in this area where you need to craft specific typefaces to fit on a wooden sign or backwall.

I have put together some brilliant examples of signage and sign identity designs for companies. You can build up a solid understanding of how your company would grow and utilize similar features for your own storefront. Additionally you can check out these artists on Dribbble and reference other work for their sign displays.

Neon Coffee

Downtown Barber Signage

Final Pizza Sign

Edgehill Cafe

Fresh Signage



Fresa’s Neon

Tiki Bar & Grill

Bill’s Store Front


AM Stereophonic

Cadbury Finished

Sidewalk Speaker

NP Airport Signage

DrupalCon Denver

Ruby Jewel Window Sign

Good Luck

324 Ballroom Logo

Cocktail Bar

Yogurt Detail

Thirsty & Miserable

Beer and Food Signs

About the Author: Kalen Smith

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  1. Yeah I agree with you, I like all the logos you shown above but I love the logo of Sidewalk Speaker. I admit that without appropriate logo the company sounds immature. Most of the companies willing to incorporate their brand name with logo because that’s the name by which people can identify them if they are satisfied by the services of the company & all above logos particularizes that you have done exactly the same. Thanks for sharing!

  2. August 27, 2012
    Kyle Anderson

    All these logos are impressive and really catch the eye. I am most drawn to ocaTaco because at first glance it doesn’t make much sense, the name is just nonsense with Taco in it. But once you see the arrow then the signage takes you through it and you see it’s the same front to back and is just like a taco. I really enjoy when companies can be creative like this and turn a name into much more than just that.