Free Vector Icon Set for Adobe Illustrator

Featured Image credit to Claudio Gomboli

Icons are hugely popular in modern day website layouts. You’ll find tons of freebie icon sets all around the web, but today’s release is slightly different. This collection of vector icons holds many unique options to choose from. But luckily you can grab this .ai file totally free! Just hit the download button and you can play around with these icons inside any version of Adobe Illustrator.

Freebie vector icon set preview - by Claudio Gomboli


About the Author: Claudio Gomboli

Claudio is an Italian graphic/web designer, illustrator, & code lover from Torino, Italy. Since childhood he was interested in painting and drawing, having grown up in a family of painters & artists. He currently lives and works in Osaka, Japan. You can find more work on his portfolio website. Additionally he also shares on Dribbble and tweets @gomboli.

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