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Internet marketing is a huge topic discussed between all web professionals. Marketing is essential to the success of any business venture because how will your product grow without an audience? Sometimes your product may be a website, but what about the other software goods? Mobile apps, desktop solutions, plugins, templates, etc.

I put together this gallery of landing pages which specifically target selling digital goods. You can setup deals and coupons for customers to save money when purchasing within a limited timeframe. All of these features do well in marketing your products and building a name for your company.

Deals Marker

RI Coupon Page

Coupon Code

Made of Deals

Daily Deals

Deals on the Map

The Top Coupon

Groupon Clone

Completely Coupons

Featured Retailers

Buy Now Interface

Proceed to Checkout

Qponix Shopping Widgets

Deal Statistics

The Latest Deals

Special Sales

Liquid Coupon

Special Deals

Deal Pump Landing Page

Action Panel

Daily Deal

Location-Based Deals

52 Deals Website

ScroogeIt Branding

Featured Stores

Shopping Map

Clip this Coup!

Coupon for Toysie

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