Dynamic Loading Features for Web and Mobile

Featured Image credit to Valery Zanimanski

Content loaders serve an important purpose in modern day user experience. When visitors first launch your app or webpage this will normally load quickly – but what if you have large content to display? This may require some form of loading animation. And this is such a prominent concept that I feel we should look a bit deeper.

I have collected a whole slew of loading badges and detail features. These can be included for image/video upload forms or even loading between levels in a video game. Ajax content is also growing in popularity… offering an alternative loading image while pulling info from a database is the most accepted solution. And if you have similar ideas for loading designs share with us in the post discussion area below.

Color Loader

UI Lava Loader

Candy Cane Loader

iOS Loading Bar

Thin Bar

Airplane Loader

Percentage Loader



Marshmallow Loader Bar

Flight Tracker for iPad


Uberlife App loader

iPhone Geolocation

Progress Bar

Please wait…

Avatar Upload

Zenuic jQuery Loader

Tweet Wrap

Loader Gadget

Hongkiat Ajax Loader

Deaxon v2



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