Fun Examples of Cardboard Texture in Website Design


We can find inspiration in almost any place we look. Designers have to work with many different topics and ideas all at once, and this requires an immense level of patience. Boxes are one such object of focus where you can find the idea into almost anything. Logos and branding work perfectly, same with avatars and profile photos. As with much of the artwork online, it’s all about how you use it.

Check out the showcase below full of brilliant cardboard box artwork. Many of these are illustrations touched up through digital software(or even built inside Adobe Fireworks/Illustrator!). Of the many brands I can only think of Dropbox in the recent press. However boxes are synonymous with storage and moving, so their likeness appears in hundreds or even thousands of company names.

Cardboard UI

Drink Caryall iOS Icon

Landing Page

Cardboard City Detail

The Birth of the Cloud

Cardboard Interface

Cardboard Price Tag

Rocket Blueprint

Cardboard Login Form

Mobile User Interface

Box Icon

Piictu Cardboard Redesign

Pricing Table

Revised Box Icon

Waste Basket

Web Design Goodies

Cardboard UI Set


Something Special

Cardboard Form

Evernote Web Clipper

Ticket Stub & Cardboard

Zipper Icon

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