Mini Icon Glyphs for Websites and Mobile Apps

Featured Image credit to Mikael Eidenberg

Spend some time on your mobile phone going through a few popular apps. You’ll notice many interfaces are using teenie-tiny icons known as glyphs. These often appear in iOS tab bars, top toolbars, and sewn throughout other interface elements. Websites also use these glyph icons for user interfaces. It’s the perfect way to explain what a link does by using a small picture!

As an inspirational outlet I’ve put together this collection of very unique glyph icons. Along with icon sets I’ve also included a few screenshots from demo apps and designs currently in progress(work-in-progress). Anybody interested in building a good user experience can learn a few tricks from this set of amazing designs.

Social Icons Set

Glyphious Icons

Glyph by Icon Eden

Feathers Set

Mimi Glyphs PSD Freebie


UI Toolkit

Tiny Icon Set


Social Glyphs

Pictogram Set

Alignment Icons

Tabs Weather

16px Icons

Web UI Icons

Uicons Update

Security Icon Set

iPhone & iPad

Free Icons from Pixeds

Picas Update III

Superb Icons

User Glyphs

Forma Icon Set #2

Macintosh Glyph

About the Author: Kalen Smith

Kalen is a freelance writer and entrepreneur. He can be found on the web writing about topics including startups and UI design. Check out his other articles through Google or follow his updates on Twitter @engineerbiz.