Notes and Paper Design Textures

Featured Image credit to Jan Martin

There are more tutorials online these days than ever before in history. It’s super easy to get started as a designer and pickup the odds-and-ends using Adobe Photoshop. One of the common skills required is to build many different textures for websites and mobile layouts. Paper and notepad elements are so popular by modern standards, it’s difficult to overlook the many examples.

And as time continues we’ll see more adopters jumping onto these trends. I have collected a wonderful showcase of brilliant paper textures in graphic design. These include small app icons, website layouts, and mobile platforms. You can express many different emotions through paper – fun times in the classroom, back to school, even the grocery store list. Check out my examples below and feel free to share your thoughts in the post discussion area.

Insurance iPad App

Pink Pencil Notes

Notes and Time

Icon Notes

Take Notes!

Notes in the Net

To-do Notes Icon

Notes-Styled Login


Teachers Room Web App

Yellow Notes

Blog Post

Natal Notes

Envato Notes Design

Upojenie HD – Notes

Chart Notes

Tasks Application

Notes Pad(PSD)

Business Card Notes

Tweet Notes

Written Note

Course Notes


BlackBerry Notes

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