Swords and Weapons for Alt Video Game Objects

Featured Image credit to Rogie

Video games are only becoming more popular among the younger crowd. Kids have access to the Internet in a litany of additional resources other than the computer. Smartphones also allow access to the App Store where you can find thousands of game titles. And each of these mysterious game worlds require graphics and custom layouts.

Weapons and armor are some of the cornerstones to RPGs. In this gallery I’ve found some really cool renderings of swords, crossbows, shields, hammers, and other similar battle weapons. Game creators are among a select few worldwide who have the knowledge to design virtual realities. It’s a rare phenomenon which provides endless bouts of creativity.

Red Sword

A Sith’s Sword

Game Weapons

Deku Shield

Koriki Sword

Sword in the Snow

Buster Sword

Jake’s Sword

Luxterra Sword

Valley of Anuiel





Black Knight


Sword of Win

Sword Illustration

Stabbed List

Ex Calibur

Hide Me

Link: Nintendo All-Stars

Little Prince

Captain Nemo’s


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