Classy Illustrations of Suits and Tuxedos

Featured Image credit to Max Rudberg

The business professional is a look we often strive for. These suits are imperative to the 9-5 office lifestyle, and can often accompany people into the nightlife. Fancy outings and dinner parties may require a dressy atmosphere. And there’s no better feeling than dressing up and looking fancy!

I’ve devoted this showcase to a set of very classy illustrations, drawings, and digital artwork. Suits/tuxedos are the main center of attention, along with some scraps of fancy men in top hats. We love the fanciest designs as intricate things are often the prettiest to look at.

Cash Cafe

Chest Bowtie

Stay Classy

Man with a Pipe

Snooty Fox

Coffee Branding

Father & Son

Madmen Illustration

Creative Professional


The Juggler


The Fat Cat

Mister Runner


Desk Job

Macro Illustration


Wedding Bear

Red Vintage Suits

Snappy Dresser

Solar Financing Agent

Guy in a Suit

About the Author: Kalen Smith

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