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Trends are always advancing in the field of web design, and there appears to be no signs of stopping. HTML5 is the latest release for frontend devs who are quickly moving with the bandwagon. There are many new elements to handle media, along with important layout fixes. And coupled with CSS3 there is practically nothing you can’t build!

In the gallery below we’re celebrating the great achievements of HTML5. It is a powerful language and new web designers are just starting to learn about all the benefits. Compared to the older HTML 4.01 specs this can be seen as a gratitude and a blessing. Feel free to share your thoughts or HTML5 code examples in the post discussion area below.

HTML5 Web Design

HTML5 Badge – Alt Artwork

HTML5 iPhone Web App


HTML5 Shield

Coda for iPad

HTML Inspector

Chrome Frame in HTML

The HTML Five

HTML5 Starburst

HTML5 Video Player

HTML5 Crown

HTML5 Register Form

Printed Thesis about HTML5

HTML Writer Icon

HTML5 Canvas

HTML5 Umbrella

Fun with the Logo

Can HTML5 Do This?

HTML5 Geek Icon

Fragment of HTML Code

HTML5 Resource List

HTML5 and CSS3 Icons

HTML5 Logo – Grunge Style

HTML5 Tech Classes

HTML5 + Drupal

HTML5 Computer

HTML5 + CSS3 + jQuery

HTML5 Web Browser Button


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    This is very useful information about Web Design and Development. Thank you for sharing this information.

  2. I wish I could create graphics like these right now but I don’t have any money to spend on photoshop, fireworks, that kind of thing. Any free software and tutorials you’d recommend?