Imaginative Dropbox Logos and Branding Redesigns

Featured Image credit to musHo

I love Dropbox and the cloud-based functionality it offers. You can move between any computer and Operating System with full access to your files. And clearly by the insane growth of the company, others all around the world are enjoying these same services. As a result I’ve found some really cool re-design concepts for the Dropbox branding. Check out the showcase below see if you can pick out any unusual trends.

Walt’s Dropbox

I Love Dropbox

Dropbox & Dribbble

Dropbox Glowing Ball

Dropbox Drive

Store Everything

How I Love Dropbox

HDD Space Knob

Bits & Pieces

Dropbox Skyscraper

Dropbox Playoff

Retro Dropbox Things

Shining Light

Dropbox Contest

Let’s Use Dropbox

Dropbox Away!

Playing with the Brand

DesignMoo meets Dropbox

Sketched Objects

Dropbox Icon

Vector Picons

Dropbox Galaxy


I’m Here!

Extra Storage

Send to Dropbox

Data is Dropping

Clean Dropbox on iOS

Dellinger Box

Boxes in the Cloud

Dropbox over San Francisco

Dropbox Model

About the Author: Kalen Smith

Kalen is a freelance writer and entrepreneur. He can be found on the web writing about topics including startups and UI design. Check out his other articles through Google or follow his updates on Twitter @engineerbiz.


  1. October 6, 2012

    way cool!
    would love dropbox to offer ability to set your own icon.