Custom iPhone App List View Interfaces

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Building iPhone applications in Xcode is a lot tougher than Photoshop design trends. Although both activities require a tough level of talent, you’ll need both players to create a finished product. Looking into the interface design trends we eventually come to iPhone data list views! These are simple lists for profiles, friends, venues, activities, and virtually any other type of content you can think about.

Check out this inspirational gallery of iOS list views and determine your own ideas. Design trends often spout off from a central point and command a larger audience as time goes on. Hopefully this collection of user interfaces can bring some new ideas to the surface between iPhone mobile app designers/developers.

List Selected

Phonebook App


ChowNow Mobile

Simple List UI

iPhone Feed View

List View

Health Data

Video Games GUI

List View Pixels

Friends List

iPhone Bookmarks

Contact List

Edit User Interface

Grocery List

Wine List

iPhone Travel App

Cloud iOS

iPhone Shopping List

Device List

Mimble Settings

Artist Listing

Store Locator

Jam App Chats List

Golf App

Fake iPhone App

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