Ripe Delicious Strawberries in Graphics Design

Featured Image credit to Alex Volkov

Illustrators and digital artists work their hardest to portray objects in their natural light. Fruits and vegetables always appear full of life and sweet to the taste. It can be difficult to build up this idea when you don’t have as much of a starting base. I personally love the natural fruits, and vibrant colors are a catchy treat.

Strawberry are an obvious choice for the many desserts and toppings they can afford. In the gallery below I’ve put together some astounding work by the members of the Dribbble community. These shots are perfect for up-and-coming graphics designers interested in learning through other works. Be sure to share your thoughts or ideas in the post discussion area below.

Juicy Drops

Website Strawberry

Birthday Cake Illustration

Strawberry Cake Revised

House Strawberry


Strawberry Love

Punch Red Berry

Juicy Shakes

Chocolate Strawberry

Cartoon Berry

Summer Time


After Dessert

Stretch Island Fruit Co.

Lolly Stick Sign

Kids Book Cover

Pink Strawberry Design

Strawberries Dress

Missy Pink

Strawberry Moth

Blended Milkshakes

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