Tons of CloudApp Logos, Icons, and Mobile App UI

Featured Image credit to Abdullah

I have been using CloudApp for about a year now and their service is incredible. It functions so quickly on iPhone, and app developers seem to love this one! You can’t search in the App Store without finding a couple great alternatives for the mobile experience. And with this passion I want to devote an entire showcase to amazing CloudApp tributes.

In the collection below you’ll find dozens of unique CloudApp goodies. App Icons, logos, vectors, and of course plenty of clouds. But I have also included some iPhone App interfaces to demonstrate how mobile designers may create a similar experience with an intuitive nature.

CloudApp Secret

Login Screen

Double Rainbow

Contest Logo Artwork

BlueNube iOS Icon

Floating Clouds

Denim CloudApp

Website Redesign

CloudApp for iPhone

CloudApp Icon

Cloud Drawer

Conveyor Belt

Blue Sticker


Cloud Logo

StratusApp Video


Upload Bar


Some Texture

Upload with CloudApp

About the Author: Kalen Smith

Kalen is a freelance writer and entrepreneur. He can be found on the web writing about topics including startups and UI design. Check out his other articles through Google or follow his updates on Twitter @engineerbiz.


  1. I like the website redesign, with that upload stats. I think it will be useful for everyone who uses cloudapp with a free account.