Web Layouts for Mobile App Landing Pages

Featured Image credit to Drew Wilson

Mobile developers are always looking for new marketing techniques. Launching a small website dedicated to your app is one of the best ideas you could follow. This gives interested visitors a chance to learn about your app, and maybe even look it up from their phone to download.

But it does take some skill designing a successful mobile app landing page. In this gallery I want to offer some ideas which web developers can use in their projects. After launching an app on the iOS App Store or Google Play Marketplace the next logical step is building a solid web presence!

Mobile Work with Pencil

Taskout App Website Tilted

Pikolo Site

Timbrr Landing Page

App Website Teaser


Landing Page Texture

Hole19 New Website

Kippt Website

Vibe Mobile Partners

Jolicloud Website

Taplabs Screen

Responsive Web Design

Fatpack App Website

YesPix Homepage

Zeel Landing Page

App Details

iOS App Landing Page UI

Mobile App Page

Taskout App Website(Full)

Mobile App Homepage

Thread iPhone App Landing Page

Website for Gust App

Desire App Webpage

Quench App

Mobile App Website Footer

MailApp iPhone Website PSD(Freebie)


CalorieCounter Landing Page


Banner Illustration


Website Concept

Photoshop Landing Page

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  1. Great post!. I enjoyed watching all the landing pages. I was looking for something inspirational similar to timbrr, jolicloud or quench. Making a design based on a quality photo.