Spooky October Halloween Graphics and Alt Artwork

Featured Image credit to Mike Moran

The festivities of Halloween only come once a year. It’s a fun adventure for kids to go out trick-or-treating, dress up in clever costumes, and enjoy frightening each other. Many other cultures take October as a month of change, to remember those who have passed and moved onto another life. It’s definitely an exciting time of year!

I have put together this collection of Dribbble artwork relating to Halloween themes. You’ll find ghouls, ghosts, and plenty of pumpkins. Any fans of the Halloween season will simply adore this showcase.

Scared Monsters


Halloween Snake

The Mayor

Halloween #2

Edgar Allan Poe

Northern Celebrations

It’s Alive

Pumpkin App Icon

Haunted Mansion


Black Kitty

Halloweeny Icons

Skeleton Jazz

Witch’s Angry Oven

Halloween Background

Smiling Pumpkin

Cat in the Hat

Classy Witch



Happy Halloween

Purple Bat

Premature Burial

Broomstick in the Night

Pumpkin Candy Bowl

Cats and Bats

Vintage Halloween


Haunted House on Hill

Bats in the Graveyard

Wicked Witch


Trick-or-Treat Ghouls

Vampire Chuckles

Skull with a Hat

Haunted House & Spooky Tree

Haunted House Illustration

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