Television Sets both Modern and Retro

Featured Image credit to Isaac Grant

Television is an American pastime since the 1940s-1950s. Even before this time period it was very common for citizens to attend the local theater for a movie filming. With the invention of TV systems right in our homes, this spurred a very different feeling. And even now modern society appears glued to the television screen at all hours of the day. This is certainly no way to spend a lifetime – but the design opportunities are endless.

I have put together a brilliant collection of televisions found in graphics design shots. These include iOS app icons, illustrations, vector graphics, and even objects in web layouts. TVs can be incorporated into your business identity which ultimately forms your company basis. Don’t be fooled by these works – there are dozens of other ideas just bursting at the seam with creativity. Both retro and modern television sets can give us a bit of contrast. It can be exciting to look back on history and reshape it towards fitting your own projects.

Please Stand By

TV Illustration

Rock Show icon


Television for Sale

Old Set

Retro TV



Vintage TV

Knobs Vector Art

Screen Tests

Dribbble TV

Christmas Gifts

Final Living Room

TV Icon


Analog to Digital

Generic TV

Coca-Cola Fun TV

The Tube

Retro Living

Wooden Set

Obesity Project

Game Over


Old TV Set


Retro Vintage TV Set

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